Cindy Barth


My creative process starts with a spark – an idea, an image, an issue – and then I begin forming. From there the artwork often takes on a life of its own and leads me in unexpected directions, a phenomenon which I fully embrace.

In my most recent works, I used Mother/Mother Earth imagery as a symbol in the creation of a series of safe and sacred spaces. When I completed the first piece, it struck an emotional chord which led me to further explore the notion that at various times, everyone, at any age, living any lifestyle, needs a quiet, safe, healing refuge from whatever it is that is causing them pain, stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, exhaustion. The forms are intentionally smooth and flowing to keep the focus solely on the energy of the space.

The iridescent white figures represent the pure human who we all are at our core, before outside influences and experiences, like so many layers of clothing, accumulate and shape our circumstances and self-identities, often obscuring our inner pure light.

My next-stage vision is that these small sculptures will be enlarged to the human scale, inviting passersby to enter and experience the meditative space, whether it be on a busy city street or in a quiet park.