Cindy Barth

12" x 24"

Bronze $6,500

Cold-Cast Bronze $3,600

Limited Edition 18


Sara was the first matriarch of the Jewish people. She was a prophetess and was blessed with great beauty. Although she was raised in a city, she and Abraham moved to the desert to fulfill their divine mission of spreading monotheism in the world. In her soul, she knew that she was to be a princess of her nation. Abraham also knew that Sara could see into the future and and respected her counsel. A cloud hovered over her tent as long as she lived and miracles occurred there. Her Sabbath candles stayed lit from one Sabbath eve to the next and her bread dough would rise miraculously.

Sara was a woman to be emulated for all time. She had the courage and insight to follow the truth and live by it; she taught women to understand God and, thus, began to build a holy nation. She touched all of those around her with her love and integrity and truly changed the world.

Abraham and Sara's tent was open on all sides to always welcome guests, a great and important deed in Jewish life. One day three men approached and the hosts hastened to prepare a feast for them. They were angels who told Abraham that Sara would bear a son within a year. Sara was 99-years-old and had not been able to conceive a child so, when she overheard this news, it caused her to laugh. The side panels depict this story.

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