Cindy Barth

12" x 24"

Bronze $6,500

Cold-Cast Bronze $3,600

Limited Edition 18


Rebeka was the second of the matriarchs. God gave signs that she was divinely chosen to carry the torch of growing the Jewish nation into the next generation. Eliezer, who was sent by Abraham to find a wife for his son, Isaac, was looking for a particular character trait that was essential in order for her to be a suitable match – Lovingkindness. When he and his entourage reached a well during their travels, Eliezer saw Rebeka and requested a sip of water from her jug. Not only did she give him water, she filled troughs for all of the camels to drink from. During the encounter Rebeka displayed righteousness, modesty, a willingness to work hard and to follow through on her word, and a true desire to help another human being without asking for anything in return. This selflessness was her greatness.

When Sara died, the miracles of her tent had disappeared. When Rebeka entered as Isaac's wife, the protective cloud overhead returned as well as the miracles of the Shabbat candles that stayed lit all week and the blessing of the bread dough that rose miraculously.

Rebeka grew up in an environment of evildoers and immorality. Her actions showed that she was not influenced by her upbringing and that she truly was a rose among thorns. The roses on the side panels are symbolic of that.

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