Cindy Barth

12" x 24"

Bronze $6,500

Cold-Cast Bronze $3,600

Limited Edition 18


Leah is the third matriarch. It is written that she had weak eyes in contrast to her sister Rachel's description as being an astonishing beauty. Leah spent many of her younger years crying because she feared she would have to marry the evil Esau. She prayed all the time for God not to give her this fate and, in the end, her prayers were answered. Jacob had worked seven years to marry Rachel and at the last minute their father, Laban, tricked him and substituted Leah. Ultimately, Leah took a big part in the building of the Jewish nation by giving birth to six of the twelve sons who became tribes of Israel.

It was not easy for Leah to be in a loveless marriage, with her sister as the truly beloved wife. Leah continuously prayed for an end to her marital distress and loneliness. God answered when Leah had her fourth son and Jacob saw Leah in another light, recognizing her spirituality and how crucial that trait is when nurturing a family and a nation. She was elated and immensely grateful. It is from Leah that we learn the power of intense, repetitive prayer, the importance of doing the hard spiritual work, and the changes in destiny that can result from it.

Leah was a woman of great piety and we learn that her tendency toward solitude and introspection is a necessary balance to righteous Rachel's outgoing exuberance. We also see that she does not take God's blessings for granted and feels a deep gratitude for them.

The side panels have the symbols of the six tribes that Leah was mother to.

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