Cindy Barth

12" x 24"

Bronze $6,500

Cold-Cast Bronze $3,600

Limited Edition 18


Eve is depicted just outside of the gates of the Garden of Eden. Her head is held high and she is pregnant, symbolic of the fact that she is the mother of all life. Embarking on her God given mission to populate the world, she will not only give birth physically but she will nurture in these new beings both the spiritual and temporal attributes necessary to thrive in an earthly existence.

Despite the unfortunate characterization of Chava in popular retellings of the story of creation, God only created angels to be perfect. The rest of us are just human. Eve is the beacon for humanity to accept ourselves with all of our flaws and missteps, allowing us to fall off the perfect path and then jump back on again as we move forward.

Included in the imagery is the dove that Noah released to determine if there was dry land as the waters receded after the flood. Also present is the ram that Abraham sacrificed in place of his beloved son, Isaac. There is an opinion that the forbidden fruit was actually the grape and that, had Adam and Eve waited, they would have been permitted to partake of it for the Shabbat sanctification. Those are the vines that cover the arbor at the gate to the garden. Everything was created for a purpose, even if it is not always or immediately revealed to us.

The side panels illustrate the six days of creation.

Biblical Women Eve